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The Word: Timeshare Resale Advice

August 25th, 2017


Today, millions of vacationers seek the luxury of well-kept resorts and purchase a Timeshare Property. However, changes in preferences and circumstances may eventually lead owners to ask how to get rid of timeshares:

  1. Owners desire change and this leads to the purchase of another timeshare or vacation arrangement.
  2. In other situations, financial or health issues force owners to give up their timeshare property.
  3. The most common desire of owners is to resell it for cash. In a 2014 nationwide survey of timeshare owners, 70 percent were worried about how to sell a timeshare property. Fortunately, timeshare cancellation services can help owners legally obtain release from timeshare deeds.


Timeshare property owners looking to sell have plenty of reasons to be concerned. Reselling a timeshare is not nearly as smooth or pleasant as purchasing one. Even worse, posers and scammers have duped thousands of timeshare owners.


In 2016, the Federal Trade Commission accused timeshare resellers of swindling over $14 million from timeshare owners by charging astronomical up-front fees based on false promises that the properties would be quickly sold or rented out. Swarming markets of new and used timeshare units also make reselling a generally unprofitable venture. At the end of the day, timeshares are notorious for their rapid decrease in value. Owners may have to sell at a loss which cannot be claimed on their federal taxes.


Against these odds, it is no wonder that so many are confused about how to sell a timeshare contract. Owners can directly eliminate the need to sell by contacting our trusted and guaranteed timeshare cancellation services assisting owners in navigating these issues. Liquidating a timeshare contract through a reputable timeshare cancellation service is one of the more legal and permanent ways to get rid of the contract altogether.


Timeshare owners need to know that they can permanently cancel timeshare obligations with the assurance that they will not be taken advantage of. Instead of agonizing over how to sell a timeshare property or contract, terminating the contract with the help of an expert timeshare cancellation service is the safest solution.


Scott Morse

COO, Resort Release


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