Timeshare Release Service Checklist


The Word: Timeshare Release Service Checklist

September 6th, 2017


Hi there! Are you looking for the ultimate checklist when it comes to working with a timeshare release service?


Many have had to go through the ordeal of getting rid of a timeshare legally. I tried to exit my timeshare and I’ll be honest, the first time around I was the victim of a timeshare exit scam. Even though it cost me a few bucks in the bank, I gained a far greater understanding of how to be cautious before working with a timeshare release company.


That being said, I hope this checklist helps you become a little less overwhelmed and a lot more savvy.



Timeshare Release Service Checklist


  • Upfront fees: Scam or No- Scam? Before you start discussing the timeshare exit strategy with your chosen timeshare release company, you will most likely be asked for an upfront fee. However, before you write it off as a scam ensure the delivery of all paperwork in writing before any fee is charged. This way, you can review all promises and guarantees before considering payment. In the unfortunate case that the company does not follow through and cancel the timeshare contract, you will also have all of the legal proof in hand.


  • Is their 100% Money-Back Guarantee Valid? The 100% Money-Back Guarantee is a common practice with release services. However, ensure that you are cautious about it, like I was my second time around and had the company document the promise in writing.


  • What does their BBB Profile say? One of the easiest and most reliable ways to trust a timeshare release company is by researching their BBB accreditation. The BBB accreditation helps to check (13) key elements before rating a company from A+ to F. It includes analysis of the factors such as the time in business, government action and advertising review, failure to honor mediation, transparent business practices, unanswered and unresolved complaints, and other failures to address the complaint patterns. For example, Resort Release has an A+ rating by the BBB.On their profile, client reviews and ratings are undeniable proof of it. It is a highly recommended practice to always investigate a company’s rank, quality, and client reviews before signing up for their services.


When it comes to choosing the right timeshare cancellation service, Resort Release is the clear winner. Rest assured, we care about timeshare owners and your right to gain freedom. You have found the most trustedpermanent and legal solution to getting rid of your timeshare.


Scott Morse

COO, Resort Release


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