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Timeshare Consumer Rights

Resort Release is here to help you better understand if you were possibly a victim of fraudulent sales tactics when you purchased your “dream” timeshare. Did you know that the federal Consumers Bill of Rights is designed to protect you from the unfair and deceptive sales practices that many report happening everyday at timeshare resorts worldwide?


If you feel you were a victim of timeshare fraud – you may qualify for a Money Back guaranteed timeshare cancellation program. If eligible, you could SAVE THOUSANDS of dollars in loan principal, high interest rates and on-going maintenance fees.

  • STOP being ashamed of your timeshare purchase.
  • STOP thinking you “made a bad decision”.
  • STOP blaming yourself.
  • START taking pride in fighting back the resorts.
  • START to understand you may have been victimized.
  • START putting money back in your own pocket. 
Signs You May Be A Victim of Timeshare Fraud*:
  • Told your timeshare was a great investment and would increase in financial value
  • Told your timeshare can  easily be rented to cover your purchase price, maintenance fees, or to make extra money
  • Told you MUST buy TODAY because the price will be more tomorrow
  • Told you were attending an “Owners Update” meeting that was nothing more than a sales presentation in disguise
  • Told your timeshare can give you tax incentives or can easily be refinanced through your local bank
  • You were not told how long you had to cancel your timeshare purchase
  • Your “90 minute” presentation lasted 4 hours or more
 ***The above indications are examples only; individual circumstances with timeshare companies must be evaluated before any determination or allegation of misrepresentation or fraud can be made.

“You’ll Likely Need Professional Attorneys Help To Take On Today’s Multi-Billion Dollar Resorts And Win“


QUESTION: Why have these timeshare scams persisted over the past 30 years and what can you do to help fight these fraudulent resorts?


ANSWER: Today’s timeshare scams aren’t going away. As a matter of fact, these reported scams seem to never die off for a variety of reasons. Deceitful and malicious sales tactics combined with resorts represented by powerful lobbyists in your  government may prevent sweeping changes from likely happening. However, YOU CAN fight for your rights and take a stand against unfair or deceptive sales tactics.  

*A timeshare attorney is needed in cases where a consumer dispute appears to be at an impasse and legal assistance is required to resolve the dispute or litigate the issue

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