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If you have a timeshare, it can be difficult to know how to sell it. Well, that’s where I come in. Be aware, you probably won’t get all of what you put into your property back. Annual fees are often the problem so if you’re looking for a quicker solution, especially as resorts start asking for yearly maintenance dues, a company specializing in timeshare liquidation might be your best option.


Thomas S. writes in a review for BBB Chicago, “Over time, some vacation properties can become expensive to manage. For those looking to sell their timeshare, finding the right pro to help is essential. The BBB can help connect you with businesses, like BBB Accredited Resort Release, to sell your vacation property.” Source:


Resort Release is an A+ rated, BBB accredited company that specializes in timeshare release services. Their process is legal and permanent. Naturally, among so many scam companies out there, Resort Release stands out with this accreditation and their customer reviews, having helped over 18,000 families cancel their timeshare contracts.


If you’re struggling with how to sell your timeshare property, and you’ve tried listing it for free, consider geo tagging it. Simply put, it means targeting people in the area. Take a look at the area it is located to get a sense of the demographic and median income. You will want to do it legally and at little cost to protect yourself.


If you have already listed it for free and targeted people in the area, there is little more to do. Let a well-experienced company handle the rest.


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Do You Want to Get Rid of a Timeshare?

Get Rid of Timeshares

Buyer’s remorse is common when so many choices are offered with very clever sales techniques. When the emotional buttons are pushed by salesmen, it is often hard to take a step back and see the choice clearly. This is especially true when hardworking people see balmy weather and sandy beaches (or snow-capped mountains and lovely ski lodges). Sometimes, the prospect of partial property ownership in beautiful settings is hard to resist. Yet, as the old adage goes, if it is too good to be true, it probably is.


The Problem with Timeshares

The timeshare looks like a good investment. The vacationers only pay for what they use, instead of keeping a second home which they must pay for year round. Timeshares offer a fixed week or season for visiting so purchasers do not worry about losing their unit to other guests. In addition, those who prefer to go at different times of the year can work out exchanges with other owners. Also, owners can give their chosen week or weeks in any year to friends or charities.

Beneath the surface, however, timeshares are more a burden than a boon. Only paying for time spent at the property is not quite the case since the annual maintenance fee runs around $650. Beyond that, owners often have to sell their share at a loss. As the developers fold high costs into the original sales price, re-sellers find few who will pay such amounts. Worse, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) forbids writing this off as a loss, as they would with homes that are owned outright. As for overseas timeshares, owners are subject to a confusing set of laws which governments only enforce now and then.

How to Get Out

The excitement of a new purchase quickly passes and owners will then seek to get rid of timeshare units. The bad news is that timeshare contracts contain a poison pill: the perpetual ownership clause. Officially, this guarantees that owners can pass their timeshares on to heirs. In fact, it ties them to the property—and all the costs and fees—whether or not they use it in the future. The clause is in the contract to stay. The only way to get rid of timeshare burdens is to void the contract—a tricky task, but not impossible. Those who want to get out of this trap should seek the help of seasoned experts.

Owners who want to cancel timeshare contract demands should use wisdom when getting the right assistance. There are countless timeshare real estate firms that will offer to sell the unit for the owner—for an upfront fee, that is. Yet many of these companies simply place the listing on a computer database and hope for an offer that never comes. Sometimes, eager re-sellers can not even give their timeshares away. The best thing to do is find a business that can cancel the contract, get rid of timeshare hassles and leave the client free and clear.

Try – Timeshare Cancellation Services

There are many businesses that claim to cancel timeshare contract provisions. Just one receives an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB). earns this status by acting as a trusted third party. Forging strong bonds with developers, property managers and vacation clubs, knows the ins and outs of this process. It balances the interests of timeshare companies, frustrated owners and future buyers. Contract partners who want to cancel can trust, which offers a 100 percent money-back guarantee if they fail to relieve their customers of these financial burdens.

Call today, or leave contact information, for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will review the legal paperwork, the resale market and the caller’s financial condition. Then we will determine the best course of action to be free of the timeshare and its costs forever. Shed the awful weight of a timeshare now.