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Limited time only. If you qualify! We can pay your 2018 Maintenance Fees

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The Easiest Way To Cancel Your Timeshare Contract

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Sign up for  a FREE Consultation today and one of our Intake Managers will speak with you about what options may be available to you to terminate your timeshare ownership. If you qualify for this attorney backed service, the attorneys will work with you and pursue a strategy to attempt to terminate your timeshare contract. This service has strict qualification criteria.

The Attorneys Go To Work

Once you are accepted into the timeshare mortgage and ownership cancellation program you will be sent a welcome packet introducing the team of skilled attorneys that will be working towards the termination of your contract. Resorts should fear attorneys who are well versed in the types of fraud and deception many timeshare owners have claimed to experience. The attorney service represents these qualified clients seeking to terminate their timeshare contract. 

Guaranteed Contract Termination

Your attorneys will diligently, competently, and effectively represent you in seeking the termination of your timeshare contract.


We understand how difficult and constraining timeshare contracts can be for timeshare owners. Resort Release is here to help.

“Service was quick and efficient and lifted a heavy load of debt and crooked deal off of our back. Thank you!!!!” – Mr. Grant

Former Parc Soleil timeshare owner.

“Everything that was promised was carried out to the letter. Answered all my questions, treated us with respect and a very professional manner.” -Paul W.

Former Split Rock Resort timeshare owner.

“The process was straightforward and there was constant communication between us the owners and Resort Release. The pricing for getting us relieved of this burdensome financial responsibility was worth it. We are now timeshare free. thank you Resort Release!”- Locksley P.

Former Barclay Towers timeshare owner.

“I was so excited to get the phone call today that we no longer are slaves to this timeshare, such a fast and informed procedure keeping us up to date. I have tried many ways to get rid of the timeshare and was very skeptical to put out the money they asked for but today was the best day ever to hear that they do what they say they can do and not just take your hard earned money. Thank you so much!!” – Mr.Cook

Former Dawn Beach Club timeshare owner.

Professional and Easy Timeshare Transfers

Sign up for a FREE Consultation

Sign up for a FREEE consultation to speak with a Client Advisor who specializes in your particular timeshare ownership. Your paid in full timeshare does not have an existing mortgage and therefore can likely be handled through our transfer service. Our detailed consultation will review your individual resorts exit policies and outline the steps to successfully end your timeshare ownership. Unfortunately, many resorts today have placed significant obstacles in front of those wanting to get rid of their timeshare. Our team of expert advisors will give you directions to navigate through the complexities of your resorts exit policies. 


We will also provide you with an in-depth review of our timeshare transfer process. If you are accepted as a client into our release program, we will guarantee the outcome.

Transfer Away Your Fees, For Life

Once you register for our resort release program you will receive a welcome packet via 1st class mail. This packet will provide you all of the information that is needed to get the transfer process started. The transfer of ownership is a simple process, done by assigning you a dedicated Case Manager who keeps you informed every step of the way. 


Timeshare freedom has never been easier. 

Guaranteed Timeshare Freedom

We are so confident in our services that we give you three separate 100% guarantees. Over the past 5 years we have helped over 18,000 desperate families transfer out of their timeshare properties. If you are not timeshare free at the end of our service, we will refund 100% of your money. Contact us today to join the thousands of others that are currently experiencing timeshare freedom.

“The overall services of your company were as described. We were very pleased and surprised with the progress of your efforts.” – Thomas and Mary M.

Former Las Vegas Desert Club timeshare owners.

“They did what they said they would in the time frame indicated. Someone regularly kept in touch with us to give us updates and they were timely in their return phone call to us. This was a good experience.”- Lois D.

Former Solara Surfside timeshare owner.

“The transfer was accomplished just as was promised within the time-frame that was outlined. I’m very satisfied and grateful for the release from my timeshare obligations and thank Resort Release and all your congenial and helpful employees.”- Glenna C.

Former Diamond International timeshare owner. 

“All persons in getting our timeshare switched over acted very professionally and my wife and I are so grateful to have this out of our name. It truly is a load off our minds.”- Aaron M.

Former Wyndham timeshare owner. 

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