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Pam Manghelli

Former owner of Wyndham Bali Hai, Cliffs Resort, Wyndham Keo Kai

Your staff was very friendly and patient with my questions and concerns. I especially appreciated being able to review all documents before I really made a decision. I'm glad I went through with your service! I feel nothing but relief to be free from those resorts!

Thanks Resort Release!!!

Brent Mathie

Former Owner of Blue Green (Blake) Timeshare

The process was well communicated and executed. Expectations were established and RR delivered. I did not feel as though I were being pitched during the consultation, but as if my case was being carefully reviewed in order to get the best quality help. I am very grateful to RR for terminating my contract once and for all.

Mary Lin Metcalf

Former Owner of TEl CID Rancho Resort & Country Club

I was very pleased with the whole experience. Everything was clearly explained and I was kept informed at each step in the process. Everyone I came in contact with was professional and knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure to go through this as securely as I did.

I am now timeshare FREE all thanks to RESORT RELEASE!

Michael De Jong

Former Owner of Fairfield Timeshare

You did what you said you’d do, hassel free. The entire process was smooth and the communication was constant. I was so sick of the rising maintenance fees and you guys actually got me out from paying that commitment. I have friends that paid to try and sell their timeshares but it never worked. Glad this did.

Our family vacations are bigger and better!

Paul and Tracey Sessa

Former Owners of Telemark Resort

I was very doubtful and nervous about trusting your services. Wow, you proved me wrong… happily! Your continuous updates by email and phone put my worries at ease. I am so happy and relieved that I found a company where all promises were kept!

Thank you all!!!

Carol Reale

Former Owner of Diamond Resort

I was told up front what to expect and how the process would work. Throughout the duration, there were no other unexpected expenses that popped up, ever. I was told what was happening at each stage via phone call, just about every 30 days.

I am very happy with the service I recieved from your company.

John Tillery

Former Owner of The Suites at Steamboat

We tried your competitors and only lost more money! We don’t know of any other company who can say they have any success helping people like us get out of the endless money pit of a timeshare. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving us our freedom back.

Brant Seacrist

Former Owner of Diamond Resort

I am extremely pleased with every aspect of the process. Everyone involved was very professional and made sure that I understood everything before proceeding. Updates were given in a timely manner. The outcome was as promised and there were no surprises. I am very relieved to be out from under Diamond Resorts- I haven’t gotten a single bill from them once since your company worked their magic!

Pamela Barnes

Former Owner of Barrier Island Station

My skepticism rapidly turned into trust as I researched your company and spoke with your knowledgeable employees. Your client reviews are all great and you have 0 negative complaints with the BBB… I mean, your reputation speaks for itself.

Thank you for all of your hard work and enthusiasm toward helping me out of that nasty contract!!!

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