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The Word: Timeshare Tips and Tricks


If you have a timeshare, it can be difficult to know how to sell it. Well, that’s where I come in. Be aware, you probably won’t get all of what you put into your property back. Annual fees are often the problem so if you’re looking for a quicker solution, especially as resorts start asking for yearly maintenance dues, a company specializing in timeshare liquidation might be your best option.


Thomas S. writes in a review for BBB Chicago, “Over time, some vacation properties can become expensive to manage. For those looking to sell their timeshare, finding the right pro to help is essential. The BBB can help connect you with businesses, like BBB Accredited Resort Release, to sell your vacation property.” Source:


Resort Release is an A+ rated, BBB accredited company that specializes in timeshare release services. Their process is legal and permanent. Naturally, among so many scam companies out there, Resort Release stands out with this accreditation and their customer reviews, having helped over 18,000 families cancel their timeshare contracts.


If you’re struggling with how to sell your timeshare property, and you’ve tried listing it for free, consider geo tagging it. Simply put, it means targeting people in the area. Take a look at the area it is located to get a sense of the demographic and median income. You will want to do it legally and at little cost to protect yourself.


If you have already listed it for free and targeted people in the area, there is little more to do. Let a well-experienced company handle the rest.


Scott Morse

COO, Resort Release


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