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100% Money Back Guarantees

We guarantee that your timeshare property will be legally and permanently recorded from your name of ownership.

If for any reason your legal obligations to the property are not terminated by our office within the timeframe outlined in our Transfer Agreement – you are entitled to 100% of your money back. You will receive a full refund.

Our 100% Guarantees

We guarantee that once our transfer service has been completed, you will be obligated for no future fees on your previous timeshare ownership.

Our dual-layered guarantee provides a complete protection that no other office provides. Our clients enjoy the comforts of knowing that their investment in our office is protected by the industry’s strongest timeshare transfer guarantees.

We’ve got your back! No more deed ownership in your name! Guaranteed!

With our 100% Credit Transfer Protection, we guarantee your name will be permanently removed from Ownership Title once your Timeshare Transfer is completed.

Once your case is reviewed, you will begin your journey to timeshare freedom. We always put our clients first! From start to finish, you will have a dedicated team supporting you and working diligently to cancel your timeshare, forever.

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We are standing by to assist you and guide you with the process of your Timeshare Transfer or Timeshare Cancellation, legally and permanently ending all future Resort Fees.

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You will be asked what is Motivating You to Exit your Timeshare. This way we can properly address your unique situation and help you the best way possible.

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Our team of Specialists have Released Thousands from the legal and financial burdens of their Unwanted Timeshares.

Results are 100% Money Back Guaranteed.

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More Than 18,000 Families Helped

"We tried your competitors and only lost more money! We don’t know of any other company who can say they have any success helping people like us get out of the endless money pit of a timeshare. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving us our freedom back."

Paul and Tracey Sessa | Former Owners of Telemark Resort

John Tillery | Former Owner of The Suites at Steamboat

Pam Manghelli | Former owner of Wyndham Bali Hai, Cliffs Resort, Wyndham Keo Kai

Here are some of our Happy Clients

"Your staff was very friendly and patient with my questions and concerns. I especially appreciated being able to review all documents before I really made a decision. I'm glad I went through with your service! I feel nothing but relief to be free from those resorts!"

"I was told up front what to expect and how the process would work. Throughout the duration, there were no other unexpected expenses that popped up, ever. I was told what was happening at each stage via phone call, just about every 30 days."

Carol Reale | Former Owner of Diamond Resort

"I was very doubtful and nervous about trusting your services. Wow, you proved me wrong… happily! Your continuous updates by email and phone put my worries at ease. I am so happy and relieved that I found a company where all promises were kept!"

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