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Midwestern Pride, Rockford Proud

Here at Resort Release, we take absolute and undeniable pride in our hometown, Rockford, Illinois. The fact that we are a Midwestern company has been one of our biggest assets attributed to earning the trust of our customers throughout the nation. In the heartland of America, we care and have compassion in areas that our competitors do not. We adhere to honesty, integrity and hard work in both life, and in business. America is a great nation and its citizens are just as great, which is why we believe that every single person in this nation who wants timeshare freedom can obtain it. Please give us a call (888-758-0993) so that we can discuss your options. Here at Resort Release we put people before profits.

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Meet the Team

Shyla Cline

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

Scott Morse

Chief Operation Officer

Eric Cline

President & Co-Founder

Finances & Human Resources Team

Chris O.

Senior Controller

Kimberley S.

Financial Operations Manager

Stephanie D.

Human Resource

Angie M.

Accounts Receivable Administrator

Paola C.

Staff Accountant

Client Services

Catherine C.

Client Services Manager

Shahnaz A.

Client Services Supervisor

Raquel P.

Client Invoice Specialist

Alejandra B.

Client Services

Annette V.

Client Services

Clasena B.

Client Services

Dollye K.

Client Services

Janelle M.

Client Services

Janely R.

Client Services

Jessica B.

Client Services

Katherina A.

Client Services

Linda C.

Client Services

Megan C.

Client Services

Nancy M.

Client Services

Rhonda K.

Client Services

Sanya J.

Client Services

Shree K.

Client Services

Sonya S.

Client Services

Tasshoya W.

Client Services

Timothy D.

Client Services

Enrollment Team

Dennis L.

Director of Enrollment

Karl O.

Enrollment Team Manager

Jasmin A.

Enrollment Training Manager

Alan M.

Intake Manager

Anthony E.

Intake Manager

Kyle F.

Intake Manager

Mark I.

Intake Manager

Tom M.

Intake Manager

Walter G.

Intake Manager

Dale C.

Senior Advisor

John S.

Senior Advisor

Jordan L.

Senior Advisor

Kenneth B.

Senior Advisor

Larry N.

Senior Advisor

Marcus W.

Senior Advisor

Mike M.

Senior Advisor

Paul B.

Senior Advisor

Warren G.

Senior Advisor

Qualifications Team

Andrew D.

Qualification Specialist

Barry G.

Qualification Specialist

Bradley F.

Qualification Specialist

Carl V.

Qualification Specialist

David I.

Qualification Specialist

Drew S.

Qualification Specialist

Francis F.

Qualification Specialist

Frank L.

Qualification Specialist

Kacy L.

Qualification Specialist

Kevin K.

Qualification Specialist

Paige R.

Qualification Specialist

Richard C.

Qualification Specialist

Rick H.

Qualification Specialist

Taylor M.

Qualification Specialist

Tyler B.

Qualification Specialist

Christian S.

Verification Officer

Jacob L.

Verification Officer

Jeff F.

Verification Officer

William C.

Verification Officer

Administrative Team

Britney H.

Quality Assurance Officer

Craig F.

Quality Assurance Officer

Luis C.

Information Technology

Jason A.

Information Technology

Jessica V.

Enrollment Team Assistant

Nellie W.

Enrollment Receptionist

Marketing Team

Safraz K.

Marketing Manager

Shanaz M.

Marketing Designer

Alfredo P.

Marketing Web Developer

Aldo D.

Marketing Web Developer

Resort Release - Rockford map with our location

Resort Release

6785 Weaver Rd. #1b
Rockford, IL 61114

Toll Free: 888-758-0993

Fax: 815-708-8359

If you would like to receive a callback please provide your phone number and a brief message.

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Pam Manghelli

Former owner of Wyndham Bali Hai, Cliffs Resort, Wyndham Keo Kai

Your staff was very friendly and patient with my questions and concerns. I especially appreciated being able to review all documents before I really made a decision. I'm glad I went through with your service! I feel nothing but relief to be free from those resorts! Thanks Resort Release!!!

Mary Lin Metcalf

Former Owner of TEl CID Rancho Resort & Country Club

I was very pleased with the whole experience. Everything was clearly explained and I was kept informed at each step in the process. Everyone I came in contact with was professional and knowledgeable. It was such a pleasure to go through this as securely as I did. I am now timeshare FREE all thanks to RESORT RELEASE!

George Picket

Former Owner of Chetola Timeshare Property

NO more maintenance fees!! Your process is very easy to follow and you delivered on every promise that was made. Competitive pricing, strong guarantees, and credible references. From the start, your directions were clear and easy to follow. The constant updates assured me that my case was continually being worked on until that magic day we were RELEASED from the timeshare!

John Tillery

Former Owner of The Suites at Steamboat

We tried your competitors and only lost more money! We don’t know of any other company who can say they have any success helping people like us get out of the endless money pit of a timeshare. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for giving us our freedom back.

Don Wilson

Former Owner of Bluegreen Timeshare

Everything Resort Release promised they fulfilled 100%. The process was absolutely flawless. Your staff were always engaged along every step of the way. Considering how much we lost over the years trying to pay for this timeshare that we could hardly use, your company has relieved a HUGE burden from us. Many, many thanks.