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“What Happens When You Cannot Afford Your Timeshare”

By: Talia S

Thousands of timeshare owners across the country are realizing what a grave mistake they’ve made with buying one. Yearly maintenance fees, sneaky assessments, club dues, mortgage payments, and more plague families throughout the US.

The wonderful part about owning a fractional is that you get a lifetime vacation – forever. Now the bad part? You own a vacation. Forever. Meaning, you have to pay all of the fees associated with it until… well, the end of time.

Though buying a timeshare seemed like a great idea at the time, 10, 15, 20 years down the road? Not so much. Things change, as well as finances. What people fail to realize is that most timeshare contracts are indefinite, meaning you’re obligated to cough up a large sum of money every year, and it even may be passed down to your kids under the “Perpetuity Clause”.

At the time of purchase, families look at their current finances and see that they’re able to afford it… For now. What happens if you lose your job? Or a natural disaster strikes your home? Who’s going to pay for your children’s college? Timeshare companies don’t care about what tragedies or financial hardships hit your life, they only care about their money.

Now, say you have a timeshare and unfortunately, you’ve noticed that owning one is out of your budget range. There are a few things you can do:


Sell It

If you’re desperate enough, you can turn to places like Redweek to list your timeshare for sale and hope that someone buys it and takes it off your hands. Keep in mind that Redweek charges a yearly fee, and it’s not guaranteed that your timeshare gets bought. Some owners have theirs sitting on sites like that for years before they get picked up (and in some worst cases, they never do). And while it’s left to rot on these sites, you’re still responsible for the maintenance fees.

You can even try eBay, if you’re not too keen on paying a yearly fee. Though you certainly won’t get nearly half of what you paid for it. In fact, you won’t get much. You can search “timeshares for sale” on eBay right now and see that they’re being sold for as little as a DOLLAR.

A fair warning: There are many resale companies promising to get you big money for your timeshare. Make sure you research them first. The sad and terrible thing about some of these companies is that they’re scams. So to avoid losing more of your hard-earned money, check their credentials, their ratings, and read all of the fine print before giving anyone your credit card information.


Resort Resale Program

Thankfully, some resorts take back their timeshares if they’re still in the sale phase. Before selling it for a penny on eBay, call the resort’s developer and ask them about any re-sale programs they may have. If the developer is long gone, you can always check and hope that the resort’s management company has anything they can do for you. They have strict criteria, and it may be long shot, but you should always try.

You can even check and see if there are any current owners that would like to take on another room, so that’s always an option, too.



Say your resort will not take back their timeshare, another thing you can do is link up with a local licensed real-estate broker. Though the only down-sides to that are the commission ranges, which can go up to 30%, and they might not be too familiar with timeshares and their laws.


Donate to Charity

If your loan is paid off, you can try donating it to charity. Sadly, many charities that were accepting them a few years ago no longer do, as the time-share market further softens. Also make sure to check that your state even allows for timeshares to be given away to charity, before getting your settling on this option.


Walk Away

Your final and last resort should be walking away. Choosing to do this most likely will impact your credit severely and there is no guarantee that the timeshare company and the owner’s association won’t still come after you for what you owe.


Legal Timeshare Exit

If you’re not looking to potentially damage your credit, pay an unknown broker, or try your hand at re-selling on Redweek, hiring a company that’s skilled and knowledgeable in the timeshare industry is your next best bet. One notable company I’d like to mention is Resort Release; they have been in business for the past 7 years, giving them the perfect platform and opportunity to learn all of the ins and outs of the timeshare industry. With legal and permanent results, they’re able to get people out of their nightmares without the stress and hassles associated with trying to do it on your own. Whether it’s paid off, or you’re still making mortgage payments on your timeshare, they can certainly help. 12,000 families have had real, permanent results from hiring Resort Release, and they’re helping hundreds more every day. As a company that values honesty and transparency, they strongly urge that you do your due diligence and look up reviews when in search of a company that can help you. Places like the Better Business Bureau are great because the testimonials all come from families that have hired and used them in the past, so these are honest and truthful reviews.
Unfortunately, not everyone can get the help they deserve, so before getting your hopes up, make sure to call them to see if you at least qualify for their services. It’s free to contact them, and they’re always looking to help and advise you.

Like I stated before, do your research, read reviews, and make sure that what you’re doing isn’t sketchy or puts you in the position of possibly getting audited by the IRS. There are options in getting rid of your timeshare, and with the help of a good company, legal and permanent results are possible. So make sure to call and take advantage of Resort Release’s free consultation and see what you can do to rid yourself of your timeshare burden once and for all.

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